General Dental Services

At Advanced Dental & Facial Aesthetics we are devoted to general and family dentistry. As your dental care provider, we focus on the general diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of a range of dental conditions, diseases, and disorders that affect the teeth, gums, jaw, and face. We provide the services related to the oral health needs for patients of all ages so your entire family can visit our practice.

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Our highly educated and well-trained team will develop the best course of treatment for your dental needs.

We offer only composite fillings because they are superior to amalgam (silver) fillings in many ways. Amalgam fillings are not only unsightly, but over time they break teeth because the mercury in them causes them to expand and contract with temperature changes. Furthermore, because they are not bonded to the tooth they leak and allow decay to occur around and beneath the amalgam filling. Composite fillings are more esthetically pleasing, because the color of the filling will match the natural tooth color making them virtually invisible. Also, composite fillings actually bond to the tooth structure making the tooth stronger and more resistant to future decay.

Inlays and Onlays
Inlays and Onlays are used when the natural tooth structured is damaged beyond restoring the tooth with a filling, but when the tooth is not damaged enough for a crown. Inlays and Onlays are an option that is more conservative than a crown allowing Dr. Cisneros to preserve more of the natural tooth structure. We use porcelain inlays and onlays because they offer the best in strength and appearance.

Inlay Filling

Crowns, sometimes referred to as caps, are a restoration that is used when the natural tooth structure has become too compromised to use a filling, inlay or onlay. We use all porcelain crowns, because porcelain is a strong, durable material that offers a more esthetically pleasing result. Crowns today can last for many years, even a lifetime if maintained properly.

Dental Crowns

Bridges are a fixed restoration designed to replace missing teeth. Bridges use the adjacent teeth on both sides of where the tooth/teeth are missing. Crowns are placed on the existing teeth on either side of the missing tooth and a false tooth is bonded to these crowns where the tooth is missing, essentially, making a “bridge” between two crowns. We use porcelain bridges to provide a strong and an aesthetically pleasing result. With proper maintenance bridges can last many, many years.

Non-surgical Root Canals
Non-surgical root canals are a procedure that is performed when the nerve inside the tooth has become irreversibly damaged or infected. This procedure involves removing the nerve of the tooth as well as cleaning the canals of the root of the tooth. After the procedure the tooth is restored with a crown. This allows patients to keep their natural tooth, which is preferable to any replacement option. Over the years root canals have gotten a bad reputation, but with new technology and anesthetic, root canals are essentially as painless as fillings.

Tooth Extractions
Tooth extractions are done when a tooth can no longer be restored or it is improperly positioned in the mouth, such as with wisdom teeth. Dr. Cisneros routinely does wisdom teeth extractions and we offer sedation for those patients who are anxious to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Dentures, or partial dentures, are appliances that come in and out of the mouth to replace missing teeth. We know that the fit and appearance of dentures are what concerns our patients most. We work closely with the lab and you to create a fit and a smile that is custom made just for you. In order to maintain optimal oral health dentures should be replaced every three to eight years.

Complete Dentures

Dental Implants
Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation to replace missing teeth and are the best option for replicating natural teeth. Implants are tiny titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These implants provide the base for a porcelain crown, bridge or dentures. Implants provide many advantages over other restorative options. Some of these advantages include a reduction in bone loss, hygiene routines that are identical to natural teeth, and a fixed restoration that does not harm adjacent teeth. Dental implants require a high level of technical skill to perform. Dr. Cisneros places implants frequently, and uses the Ankylos implant system that provides superior protection against bone resportion, or bone loss.

Implant Supported Dentures
Implant supported dentures are a removable appliance meant to replace missing teeth that are held secure in the mouth by implants. Implants are titanium posts which are placed in the jawbone. These implants help to reduce bone loss, which is a common problem for people who have lost their teeth. Sometimes bone loss can become so severe that patients with dentures are unable to wear their dentures at all. Implants can prevent that bone loss. These implants can provide a secure support for dentures or bridges. Patients who have implant supported dentures enjoy such a secure fit of their dentures that adhesives are not necessary. Moreover, the upper denture will not have the hard plastic across the palate that many patients do not like.

Implant Supported Bridges
Implant supported bridges are a fixed restoration meant to replace missing teeth by using implants to support the bridge, or bridges. They have all of the advantages of implant supported dentures, but with the additional benefit of being fixed in the mouth and not removable. Many patients do not like the idea of having to remove their teeth at night; this would be an ideal solution for those who want something permanently fixed in the mouth.

Oral Hygiene
Oral exams and cleanings are vital to maintaining your oral health and preserving your teeth. During a cleaning appointment you will have your teeth cleaned and Dr. Cisneros will perform an oral exam. The cleaning will improve the appearance and health of your teeth by removing stains, plaque and tarter build up. During the exam Dr. Cisneros will screen for oral cancers, gum disease, defective restorations and decay. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive instructions in oral hygiene and care. Having routine oral exams and cleanings every six months will greatly improve your oral health, overall health and ability to preserve your teeth for the rest of your life.

Periodontal Maintenance
Periodontal diseases are infections in the gums. Gradually, these infections can damage the bone under the teeth that support the teeth. If periodontal disease is left untreated it can cause preventative tooth loss and infection throughout the entire body that can lead to other health problems, and in some cases death. Periodontal scaling and maintenance is a cleaning that goes below the gum line to stop the effects of periodontal disease.

Deep Cleaning

Arestin is an antibiotic that is placed directly in deep pockets between the tooth and gums, and when periodontal disease is present. Arestin works quickly and right at the point of infection. It fights infection and inflammation for 30 days.

Sedation dentistry is a term used to describe the use of pharmacological agents that help to calm and relax the patient prior to and during your dental appointment. Dr. Cisneros has received extensive training in sedation techniques and is qualified to administer sedation. This is an affordable option for those who are nervous and anxious during dental procedures. Many times patients do not even recall their visit to our office. We strive to make every procedure and visit to our office as pleasant as possible, but for those patients who need a little extra help this is an excellent option.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a disorder in which the airway is blocked causing a reduction or cessation in airflow. This is a widespread disorder that is under diagnosed and is more deadly than cigarette smoking. The average decrease in lifespan is approximately 15 years compared to 7 for smoking. Some common indicators of OSA are excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, hypertension, type II diabetes, teeth grinding, clenching, and chronic headaches. There are many more indicators suggestive of OSA. It is imperative that health care providers well versed in sleep medicine are consulted. Refer to the blogs in the media section of this webpage for a more thorough discussion.

The Wand
The wand is a computer controlled dental injection. Often, patients think that injections hurt. Most of the time people believe it is the needle piercing the skin that hurts, when the reality is the anesthetic was administered too quickly. Using the wand helps to eliminate human error and makes these injections pain-free. It is not uncommon in our office for patients to not even realize that they have been numbed up. The process of getting numb is usually what creates the most anxiety for patients. The wand allows us to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

Laser Procedures
There are many benefits to using a laser during procedures. Some of these benefits include reduced or no bleeding, minimized swelling, shortened procedures, and no drill noise or vibration. Using a laser often eliminates many of the things that patients find unpleasant about dental procedures. We are excited to be able to offer our patients the latest in laser technology.